About Us

The leading UK work winning cultural change management consultancy for the construction industry.  

Find out who we are, how we work and why our clients work with us

Who We Are

MarketingWorks focuses on delivering effective, efficient and client-centric work winning solutions to the construction industry.

We have helped numerous construction organisations to embed work winning best practice, enabling them to move from reactive project-centricity to proactive client-centricity and thereby to win more work. We have provided services for over 2000 construction firms, including 18 of the top 25 consultants and 17 of the top 20 contractors.

We specialise in helping firms to develop work winning behaviours, processes, and culture and to focus on winning more business from new and existing clients.

We advise on all areas of win work activity and have embedded best practice within numerous firms to help them become more market and client facing.

Now we are adding a unique facet to the ways we help our clients to increase operational margins and profitability, giving leaders the tools they need to more effectively manage and drive continuous work winning improvements and practitioners the tools to help them to deliver them.

MarketingWorks is also a co-founder of the digital workflow solution, myConsole and operates as the implementation and embedding provider.

myConsole software was developed as a result of working closely with our clients and understanding their challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements.

To become more efficient and effective in work winning, there needs to be integration and myConsole provides that integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow for black box learning.

How We Work

Our emphasis is on developing solutions that are right for our clients, focusing on understanding their needs and issues before tailoring a solution that helps them to achieve their aims.
Our facilitative approach enables our clients to have a tailored and consulted solution meeting their business needs and providing a number of benefits:

  • Involvement in the design of the solution so that it addresses the specific issues that our client is facing
  • Buy-in to best practice – discussing these issues enables the solution to become the new `way we do things round here’ which means that it can be successfully implemented within the organisation

We break down the complete process of work winning into inter-connected stages and identify opportunities for improvements in each stage that beneficially impact the process as a whole.

Our facilitative approach is based on the following:

Diagnose – To understand where you are at present our approach is to look at a combination of perspectives, processes and results to gain insight.

Develop – We craft a draft solution using insight gained through the diagnostic activity. We incorporate existing best practice within our client, enhanced with appropriate best practice from our array of best practice tools.

Deploy – We introduce the proposed solution to the practitioners to receive feedback. This is used to gain their buy-in and commitment to supporting the change initiative. This is also used to identify any possible blockages and discuss potential ways to mitigate them.

Implement – We finalise the draft solution using feedback gathered during the deployment to further fine tune the solution and supporting tools, prompts and checklists.

Support and Monitor – After the implementation, we agree upon activities that will help to embed the new approaches and processes through mentoring and coaching or on-going support to assist in sustaining the new culture: for example, in work winning this could include the occasional provision of independent red team reviews on live bids.

A follow-up clinic event takes place, typically 6-9 months after implementation, designed to explore where the solution has enabled success to be achieved, what has worked well and what could be further improved.

Why  Our Clients Work With Us

We are a specialist consultancy operating in the construction industry and we focus on helping our clients to win more profitable business through solutions drawn from both practical, hands-on experience and also research into best practice approaches.

So, for our clients, real value is achieved through:

  • Solutions that are relevant, practical, proven and yet also bespoke
  • A facilitative approach that draws out the current best practice and then enhances it with our own experience
  • A focus on embedding new behaviours to encourage accelerated improvement
  • Skills development and transfer through cultural change activities and/or mentoring
  • Providing the tools to dramatically increase operational margins and profitability

We provide relevant, practical and proven solutions to help our clients be more effective, efficient and successful. This is practical Business Transformation in action.

Our contribution to success for other organisations:

  • We helped a facilities management consultancy to grow from £5m to £12m in only four years and assisted a £3m project management consultancy to double turnover in three years.
  • As a result of introducing Client Relationship Management with client relationship research, a leading consultant identified ways to leverage framework scoring, uncovered differentiators against competitors and strengthened client relationships.
  • The best win rates reported to date: winning 2 out of every 3 bids for Arup; Shepherd Construction going from a 1: 8 win rate to 1:3. In July 2011 Osborne reported holding their rate at 1:2.5 and WYG hold 1:2 consistently on major projects.

Past and current clients include WYG, Kier Construction (London Region), Leadbitter’s iESE Framework delivery teams, various divisions of Balfour Beatty, Shepherd Construction, Lovells, Mansell, Osborne, King Sturge and 4 divisions of Interserve, including International and Major Projects. We designed, developed and rolled out Arup’s bidding strategy for its European division.

You can see more examples of our contribution to success for our clients in the case studies.