Business Unit Planning

Practical solutions to help implement leaderships vision


Services that help business unit leaders to implement tactical work winning initiatives:

  1. Tactical events designed to generate buy-in for leadership vision and objectives in work winning
  2. Practical workshops to enable development of:
    • a) Business unit strategic and tactical plans to coordinate and manage implementation of the business plan
    • b) Tactical plans to manage and grow specific sectors, frameworks or clients
  3. Support and mentoring for business development teams in effective tactical pursuit behaviours and approaches
  4. Processes and reporting structures that ensure clear and appropriate reporting is being provided within the business unit to give the leadership confidence that opportunities and relationships are being nurtured and give more certainty of the future pipeline.
  5. Advice on embracing digitisation to provide opportunities for leaders to improve management decisions, enhance processes, develop and use new products and services and challenge traditional business winning models.  We work with our clients to translate how digital technologies can transform their work winning approaches by developing strategies, providing valuable insight, designing fit-for-purpose SaaS (Software as a Service) IT systems through to developing aligned work winning processes and governance.

If you want to know more about the cloud-based collaboration software solution for all construction industry work winning activity developed with sister company, myConsole, visit their website.

“I have been extremely impressed with the support that Marketing Works have provided to Inbuilt. Philip Collard advised on the development of our marketing strategy and then helped implement our marketing plan. His extensive marketing knowledge and contacts within the construction industry were invaluable in providing Inbuilt with a highly targeted and effective strategy and plan. I would strongly recommend his services to others in the industry.”
COO of leading Property Agent


Planning and Strategy Events and Support

The importance of planning cannot be ignored. Yet often plans are only financial targets, lacking substance as to how they are to be achieved, with the risk of ineffective communication throughout the organisation.

By developing strategic and tactical plans, the vision of the senior team is captured and communicated in a cohesive format and is distilled into practical activities that enable the vision to be realised at the tactical level.

We facilitate clients in developing their first strategic and/or tactical plans and leave legacy structures and step-by-step techniques that will enable the development and implementation of future plans, thus keeping the marketing planning culture alive. Our Sector Team Mobilisation event provides a launch platform for sector teams to bring about consensus on the objectives and strategies that have been agreed with the output being a plan of coordinated tactical activities.

Support and Mentoring in Planning For Pursuit

Most organisations have areas of strength and demonstrate best-practice behaviour in their business development operations. However, many also have aspects that they would like to improve to optimise their chances of success.

We have undertaken short-term appointments as an external Business Development Adviser for many organisations to optimise their business development operations’ strengths and eliminate the weaknesses through mentoring and supporting teams from executive board level to Business Development Managers.

“Philip Collard’s credibility and good rapport with our people, combined with MarketingWorks’ significant capability and support, achieved the results we desired and we continue to improve all the while”
Managing Partner, Cundall


“I would definitely recommend Philip’s services to any construction firm that wants to revitalise and significantly improve their business development.”
Partner, CZWG


Board Reporting and Risk Management

Effective pipeline management is closely linked to marketing and work winning planning and implementation and how their effectiveness is measured and reported. We help organisations to develop the tools needed to effectively manage this and can review the existing processes and advise how to:

      1. Ensure clear and appropriate board reporting is being provided to give the board confidence that opportunities and relationships are being nurtured and that certainty of future pipeline can be expected at known volumes.
      2. Effectively monitor Business Development activities and align, encourage and manage admin support.
      3. Capture and exploit feedback from all BD activities

Embracing the Digital Evolution

Critical information is often very hard to find so we work with our clients to identify, capture and analyse key data from within a sea of data that often exists to help provide real-time insights to their work winning and pre-construction activities which enable them to make real-time operational decisions that positively affect the work winning performance of their business.

Digital transformation

Implementing such tools must be part of an overall corporate digital strategy and all aspects need to be carefully considered to ensure this new technology is leveraged to create efficiencies in managing resources, better use of limited time and improved behaviours and governance, all of which helps you win more work as well as helping to ensure you spend less on bidding.

Those involved in the digital enabling tools for business winning are also presented with the challenge of understanding how digital technologies can transform the entire work winning environment.

Our solutions extend over a broad range of areas, from change management projects to integrated market-led digital solutions that enable us to manage large-scale programmes.

MarketingWorks is also a co-founder of the digital workflow solution, myConsole, and operates as the implementation and embedding provider.

myConsole software was developed as a result of working closely with our clients and understanding their challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements.

To become more efficient and effective in work winning, there needs to be integration and myConsole provides that integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow for black box learning,

Case Studies

Practical Solutions that have Enabled Implementation of Leaders’ Vision
Implementing a marketing culture for strategic growth