Revitalising Win Work within Interserve Construction

Interserve Construction

Revitalising Win Work within Interserve Construction

“Following the successful implementation of the Win Work Programme, I know we have made a significant improvement in our success rates at prequalification, written tender submissions and our performance at client interviews. It has helped us change the culture of our work winning teams so that they are more client centric, which has enabled us to win more work.

Andy Beaney, Managing Director, Interserve Regional Building

The situation

Interserve Regional Building, a division of Interserve Construction Limited, recognised that the Construction Sector in the UK was becoming increasingly competitive. This led to a review of performance within business development and tendering activities. The business decided that a complete revitalisation of win work activity would only be achieved through a holistic approach to the management of change within the business development and tendering process, as this would help people recognise the dependencies within the process and how they influence outcomes.

MarketingWorks were chosen to deliver a change programme, based on the following:

  • 25 years of experience and insight in the Construction Sector
  • Experts in implementing win work change
  • Offer bespoke business development and bid management solutions that best fit business needs
  • Provided site visits to similar contractor clients who had experience a change programme and achieved a 1:3 win rate
Win-Work/Bid Management Analysis and Process Diagnostics
Development of Bespoke Win-work Process and Workshops
Implementation Rollout and Culture Change Programme
Provide Bespoke Win-work Guidance on Intranet

A scalable solution was required that could be implemented across all businesses through a phased ap-proach, with:

  • A refreshment of specific win work capability, behaviours and skills
  • A fully aligned, efficient and effective win work management process
  • A demonstrable uplift in win rates

Our Solution

The MarketingWorks approach was based on a four-stage process:

Diagnose > Develop > Deploy > Implement

Diagnose and Develop

MarketingWorks carried out an independent review of recent Interserve Regional Building sub-mission documents and identified specific issues, as well as common themes that inform the win work solu-tion.

To capture views on the existing activities MarketingWorks undertook a short internal survey. This enabled a shared understanding of the effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of the current win work activities.

A statistical analysis of bids over the past 18 months examined the pattern and reasons for Regional Build-ing’s successes. This enabled MarketingWorks to develop a simple and easy-to-use ‘go/ no go’ se-lectivity tool that allows consistency and transparency of decision taking, fully targeted on opportunities that can be won.

The findings of the diagnostics were presented to the management board with prioritised recommenda-tions.

Deploy and Implement

Having developed the new bespoke win work process, MarketingWorks now trained the bidding and win work practitioners in the new win work culture, as well as refreshing their win work skills. The workshops provided tactical skills development in various areas of work winning.

This enabled further consultation and insight from the diagnostic findings to be incorporated into the tacti-cal skills development workshops, to assist in gaining further buy-in.

The Result

  • A refreshment of specific win work capability, behaviours and skills
  • A fully aligned, efficient and effective win work management process
  • A demonstrable uplift in win rates

Roll Out to Other Interserve Businesses

Due to the success achieved within the Regional Building division, a decision was made by a number of other management boards, including Interserve Interiors and Interserve Strategic Projects, to roll out similar programmes. These were designed to achieve a consistency in approach across the businesses, whilst allowing for tailored solutions for each.