Revitalising Win Work culture with Cundall


Revitalising Win Work Within Cundall

“Philip Collard’s credibility and good rapport with our people, combined with MarketingWorks’ significant capability and support, achieved the results we desired and we continue to improve all the while”

Managing Partner, Cundall


The situation:

Philip Collard, Managing Director of MarketingWorks was asked to facilitate a Leadership Forum, at which the results of a perception study were presented and discussed. The board’s view was that there was a need to improve Cundall’s win work processes and to embed a more vigorous commitment by all managers to seek out work opportunities in a more effective way.

Further analysis undertaken by MarketingWorks identified the need to set a vision and objectives to create and embed a client-centric, work-winning culture across all areas and levels of the company.

Our Solution

MarketingWorks was chosen to provide ongoing external support to Cundall because:

  • Philip Collard had established his credibility and good rapport with leadership at the Leadership Forum
  • Cundall needed someone with experience of the construction industry with an understanding of the dynamics and practices of professional services consultancies
  • MarketingWorks provided a breath of expertise and the tools required to quickly achieve realistic change, along with a successful track record

Business Development Management and Reporting

Reviewed and improved existing Business Development (BD) reporting and introduced new, consistent business-wide BD reporting processes. To provide greater visibility of the opportunity pipeline he then introduced business development quarterly report templates which, when populated, provided the ability to see, month on month, full opportunity pipeline progress on must-win opportunities and win rates and the success of specific strategies for each office and sector team.

Other activities included improving the existing business development reporting, advising on the development of sales tools through a review of messaging and templates for case studies and providing mechanisms for sector and business planning, target setting and activity planning.

Embedding Key Client Management

MarketingWorks worked with Cundall to agree the classification criteria for key clients and to apply it to the client base. The membership of key client teams was formalised and the information shared across the group using collaboration and documentation management software. MarketingWorks then facilitated mobilisation events across the UK for key client teams and mentored and supported the business development team and the client delivery teams operating within the selected 14 key clients.

Win Work Refreshment and Bid Support

Training and mentoring bid leaders and bid teams, achieving skills improvement for a critically important presentation interview and bid mobilisation with preparation of win themes for a top ten global client project.