Business Development Consultancy Providing Practical Solutions To Construction Business Leaders

Practical Solutions that have enabled implementation of leaders’ vision

“I would definitely recommend Philip’s services to any construction firm that wants to revitalise and significantly improve their business development.”

Partner, CZWG


MarketingWorks has undertaken short-term appointments as external business development advisers for many organisations to help them to optimise their business development operations’ strengths and eliminate the weaknesses through mentoring and supporting teams from executive board level to Business Development Managers.

We have also facilitated clients in developing their first strategic and tactical plans and leave legacy structures and step-by-step techniques that enabled the development and implementation of future plans, thus keeping the work winning culture alive.

“Philip Collard’s credibility and good rapport with our people, combined with MarketingWorks’ significant capability and support, achieved the results we desired and we continue to improve all the while.”

Managing Partner, Cundall


Example Client Projects

  1. A medium-sized building services provider, having merged into one of the UK`s top five contractors, needed to quickly refocus and present business strategies and new business development activities to its new board.
      • These plans needed to reflect the new parent organisation`s corporate business plans. A new strategic three-year business plan was required for regional offices and business units, to be supported by detailed implementation activities over the following 18 months.
      • To facilitate this cultural change, MarketingWorks appraised existing reporting and management structures and, through consultation with local managers, developed a standard set of business planning tools.
      • A national rollout programme of workshops was implemented to educate and introduce the new culture and use of the planning tools.
      • MarketingWorks then provided help and assistance to support each business unit in the development of achievable one-year tactical plans. The result was local business unit plans aligned to corporate business plans that can be easily monitored to measure progress.
  2. An international multi-disciplinary consultancy providing engineering, design and sustainable solutions for the built environment commissioned MarketingWorks to provide a monthly service to address and deliver improvements in a number of work winning areas, including Business Development Management and Reporting. Having reviewed existing Business Development (BD) reporting, MarketingWorks introduced new, consistent, business-wide BD reporting processes. To provide greater visibility of the opportunity pipeline, business development quarterly report templates were introduced which, when populated, provided the ability to see, month on month, full opportunity pipeline progress on must-win opportunities and win rates and the success of specific strategies for each office and sector. Further activities included advising on the development of sales tools through a review of messaging and templates for case studies and providing mechanisms for sector and business planning, target setting and activity planning.
  3. MarketingWorks has also:
    • Assisted a £3M commercial and contract management consultancy to double turnover in three years through ongoing support of business planning implementation
    • Provided client feedback to inform business and client management plans for a building services consultancy
    • Informed strategic and tactical planning through discovering client perceptions of a chartered quantity surveying practice
    • Helped a £40M design consultancy develop three-year and one-year tactical plans
    • Researched perceptions of 20 clients for a major contractor to enable more robust planning
    • Implemented a business planning culture to facilitate strategic growth for top 40 Architect