Improving framework delivery behaviours and performance


Improving framework delivery behaviours and performance

“We have already seen improved relationships between the clients and our regional delivery teams and we are also seeing significant KPI score uplifts. All practitioners have been refreshed and re-energised, with better framework delivery and a greater appreciation for the collaboration of skills required.”

Framework Director, Leadbitter, Bouygues UK

The situation:

Leadbitter, a Bouygues Construction UK business unit, identified a need to improve behaviours and performance across their delivery teams and create new client centric processes to enhance client relationships.

Specifically their aim was to enable the delivery teams to further embrace and embed appropriate behaviours for the new Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise (iESE) Framework delivery culture and ensure year-on-year improved delivery performance.

A key challenge for Leadbitter’s delivery teams revolved around reconciling processes that iESE had developed for iESE Framework clients with their own internal group process requirements.

Our Solution

MarketingWorks identified the need to:

  • Align known iESE values within the Bouygues framework culture and create a corresponding alignment of new, internal governance systems, embracing management reviews and reporting to ensure earlier visibility of critical, internal metrics
  • Develop an easy-to-follow process incorporating the key requirements and milestones of iESE and internal processes into a process flowchart with checklists as guidance for practitioners

The first task was to gather information and feedback from internal practitioners and also to undertake client interviews and use the outcomes to devise a new process that reconciled iESE requirements with the internal process needs.

MarketingWorks devised and chaired an introduction to the iESE Collaborative Training Programme attended by Bouygues leadership and also by key members of the iESE leadership team and liaised with both parties to ensure that their concepts and philosophies were included in the bespoke workshop training events for practitioners and the supporting materials.

The Result

As a result of the culture change programme an appetite was created for developing a truly client-focused culture. The outcome has been an enhancement of Leadbitter’s operational performance capability through better understanding of the needs of key iESE framework clients, enabling a more pro-active approach. Monthly reporting has been improved, team members are working more collaboratively and have more focus on people, relationships and effective communications and also KPI scores improved by10%

“The training workshops opened many people’s eyes to what true collaborative working is all about. We have now recruited more ambassadors to accelerate our progress and by targeting training at individuals, we have already seen a positive response in terms of feedback and KPIs.”

Simon James, Framework Manager, Leadbitter, Bouygues UK