Gaining valuable insight from water industry framework clients

MWH Global

Gaining VAluable Insight From Water Industry Framework

“This study has provided first class feedback from our key clients and the extensive and insightful analysis by MarketingWorks, with their recommendations, has given us a powerful foundation on which we are building our plans for the future.”

Director of Global Strategy, MWH Global, Inc.


The situation: to review alignment with clients mid-framework

MWH, specialists in water & wastewater treatment, environmental engineering, sustainable construction & construction management, required an independent specialist research consultancy to:

  • Uncover the perceptions of their key water industry clients on future trends and issues
  • Provide valuable and actionable feedback to be used by key client teams to develop relationships in line with the current and future requirements of their clients
  • Position MWH as its clients’ best choice for future long-term contracts

The company had achieved success in both retaining six existing key client frameworks and winning two new framework clients through initiatives based on the findings of a Key Client Relationship Survey undertaken in 2007 by the leading construction win work specialist MarketingWorks. So, in 2012, MWH approached MarketingWorks to develop a similar programme across the enlarged group of key clients.

Our Solution

MarketingWorks worked with the senior MWH team to refine the interview topic guide and develop a list of clients and contacts to ensure that feedback would be of strategic value to the company.

A schedule of over thirty face-to-face and fifteen telephone interviews was arranged and carried out for the study by MarketingWorks, who then analysed the results and prepared an in-depth and insightful analysis of the feedback.

A report of the conclusions, with extensive commentary and recommendations, was presented to the senior team at MWH’s Strategic Summit.

The Result

With a clearer appreciation of the global expectations of their clients beyond project delivery and seeing the opportunity to align with the objectives of their clients and to develop closer relationships with them, the MWH senior team took immediate action to set up a central administration team, reallocating twelve people with a £1 million budget to put into action the change initiatives recommended by MarketingWorks.

They also invited MarketingWorks to present the client feedback and MarketingWorks’ recommendations to an AMP 6 planning event with all of the account teams to cascade the insight and ownership.

The MWH operational teams valued sharing the challenges and opportunities identified across the water industry. They recognised the value of collaborating across teams to develop added value solutions for clients whilst also gaining greater efficiencies.