Facilitating Alignment of Work Winning Behaviours and Culture


Facilitating Alignment in Work Winning Behaviours

MarketingWorks breaks down the complete process of work winning into inter-connected stages and identifies opportunities for improvements in each stage that beneficially impact the process as a whole.

“You encouraged collaboration, interaction and debate between different departments, new starters and existing employees resulting in improved skills, tools, checklists and enthusiasm across our pre-construction departments.”
Pre-Construction Director, Kier London

The Situation: Kier London envisage a new approach to work winning

Kier London, part of Kier Group plc (a leading construction services and property group) has grown to become one of the region’s most recognisable brands for the built environment, providing innovative construction contracting. The Director of Pre-Construction for Kier London initiated the development and implementation of a proactive approach to work winning and consolidated various work winning approaches into one aligned process. The pre-construction team embraced the new approach and were able to manage resources more effectively and also to improve win rates.

The Challenge: to enhance and embed the new approach

Having established the basis of the new approach, the challenge was to gain widespread adoption of more desirable and consistent behaviours across all departments and individuals involved in winning work, including those involved in regional delivery.

At this stage, Kier London approached MarketingWorks, a leading work winning construction industry management consultancy, to identify and consolidate any further improvements in the process and to help Kier to then embed the changes. MarketingWorks was selected for several reasons:

    • 25 years of work winning experience and insight within the Construction Sector
    • Experts in implementing win work change, delivering bespoke business development and bid management solutions that fit business needs
    • Provided evidence of similar contractor clients who had undergone MarketingWorks’ change programmes with significant improvements in efficiencies as well as demonstrably uplifted win rates.
    • Kier expected the following specific outcomes to be achieved:
      • Development of an effective and efficient win work process, fully aligned and owned by all pre-construction and construction teams
      • Enhancement of pre-construction and contract management win work skills capability and client-centric thinking
    • Closer engagement of leadership in developing bid strategies and win themes

Our bespoke solution: to identify improvements and embed new processes, tools and behaviours

MarketingWorks prepared a prioritised programme of activity for Kier based on the MarketingWorks approach:

The way we work - MarketingWorks

The Result

The MarketingWorks programme raised awareness, refreshed and revitalised skills and secured wide-ranging use and ownership of the new process as their new culture, so that, within Kier London, it has become “how we do things around here”.

  • Winning work has become more effective and the aligned processes have increased the efficiency
  • Bid teams are developing more effective, persuasive “win themed” proposals for agreed solutions
  • All contributors to work winning have a better understanding of how to uncover clients’ needs and drivers, leading to an enhancement of proposals and presentations capability and greater client-centricity
  • Tried and tested external, value-adding support from MarketingWorks seamlessly interacts with in-house work winning bid practitioners when required