Specialised Consultancy

Our services include a wide range of essential mentoring and support activities, research and tools that help our clients to fast forward on priority issues.

  • Bid Support Services to address specific areas where improvement is sought (tender interview coaching, reviews for ‘must-win’ bids and approaches that drive more effective bid selection, for example)
  • An interim role within a client’s organisation to revitalise approaches
  • Studies that give an objective view of organisations’ most valued clients’ future plans and perceptions
  • Digitisation of work winning provides opportunities for leaders to improve management decisions, enhance processes, develop and use new products and services and challenge traditional business winning models.

In 2014, in association with Professor Will Hughes of the University of Reading, MarketingWorks updated our 2003 research assessing how bid cost investment affects work winning within the construction industry.

“Philip Collard’s credibility and good rapport with our people, combined with MarketingWorks’ significant capability and support, achieved the results we desired and we continue to improve all the while,”

Managing Partner, Cundall

Bid Support Services

Flexible support for all win work activities


Go / No Go
Win Strategy
Bid Mobilisation
Developing Persuasive Proposals

Our PQQ offers

Analysis of PQQ:

Client-centric question analysis to uncover what it is trying to achieve; what response it is trying to elicit; what response is required and what response would score highly. Uncovering client and stakeholder drivers

Breaking down questions into sub-needs Providing exemplar narrative to guide PQQ writers

PQQ Reviews

Review collateral and narrative Feedback on response narrative Contribution to written response Insights suggested with revisions and improvements

Contribute linkages to client-centric requirements

Our selectivity offers

We provide standard selectivity matrices and tools. We can also bespoke these tools based on a diagnostic of your bid performance over 12-18 months. We can help leadership and/or bid teams to develop or enhance their current selectivity matrices.

Our bid mobilisation/tender launch offers

Facilitation of bid mobilisation/tender launch meeting. Chair the event, or support the bid leader to:

  • discuss and agree bid strategies and win themes
  • draw out understanding of client needs and potential solutions to help bid team to develop aligned solutions and win strategies

This service provides an independent perspective, develops and refreshes the bid team’s skills through working on a live opportunity, as well as adding value to the individual bid itself.
We use tried and tested exemplar approaches and processes. Bid team members are provided with valuable bidding tools and prompts that will be a legacy for their use in future bids.

Our developing persuasive proposals offers

Provide exemplar narrative to guide bid writers Exemplar written responses for agreed win themes Reviews of all collateral for all members of the bid team. Narrative upgrades and reviews Compliance

Red Team Reviews

Provide an objective critique of your bid Bid team supplied with checklists and prompts to prepare for Red Team Reviews with Philip Collard. Structures In agreed timescales

Our offers for live client-centric presentations and Q&A interviews


Facilitation of tender interview preparation Ensuring win themes and agreed messages are embedded – team and individual


Coaching in presentation skills and behaviours

  • Team dynamics
  • How the bid team works as a team and how it interfaces with the client/client team

Prepare and coordinate interchanges


Role play with MarketingWorks as client, challenging agreed and non-agreed questions

Presentation reviews

Facilitate review of presentation with checklists and prompts

Our feedback and review offers

Post-bid client feedback

Support tools and prompts to uncover feedback and understand lessons learnt: whether bid was won or lost.

Audits & Review

Review/audit success of work winning processes/ governance Reviews to inform strategic pursuit, selectivity tool and win work process to identify any adjustments needed. Review operations delivery performance to exploit client KPIs and expectations in frameworks.


We have also helped many organisations to optimise their work winning operations’ strengths and eliminate the weaknesses through mentoring and supporting teams and individuals at all levels of the business.

Bid Cost research

The data for this industry study was collected by reference to actual projects and was analysed to discover what can be learnt, not only in the cost of bidding for work, but also how differing behaviours and approaches have influenced whether a company wins or loses the bid.

In addition to providing some interesting indications on how and why a bid is successful, the survey also highlights that many companies fail to capture bid cost information and to fully evaluate their own specific market and processes. This has a real and clear impact on the profitability of the company and is an issue that the industry could greatly profit from, if addressed.

We have presented the findings to various organisations, so if you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

Advice for Embracing the Digital Evolution

New digital tools present new opportunities to capture and process “big data” for business leaders seeking to embrace digital insights on the cost of winning work, which can be as much as 20% of operational turnover.
This critical information is often very hard to find so we work with our clients to identify, capture and analyse key data from within a sea of data to help provide real-time insights on their work winning and pre-construction activities. This enables them to make real-time operational decisions that positively affect the work winning performance of their business.

We believe that, when harnessed correctly, this new technology has the power to create very efficient behaviours and approaches.

Our solutions extend over a broad range of areas, from change management projects to integrated market-led digital solutions that enable us to manage large-scale programmes. We work with our clients to translate how digital technologies can transform their work winning approaches by developing strategies, providing valuable insight, designing fit-for-purpose SaaS (Software as a Service) IT systems through to developing aligned work winning processes and governance.

Client Insight – Relationship Study

In an increasingly competitive and client-focused world, organisations must understand how they can continually add value to their strategically important clients’ businesses, as well as delivering cost-effective solutions.
Building sustainable relationships with your key clients depends on knowing what they really think and what is important to them.

The Client Relationship Study is designed to deliver an objective view of the future plans and priorities of organisations’ clients and uncovers their perception and view of its future role, elicited through discussions with a range of contacts within a strategically valuable client.

Our approach to client research gives a highly insightful and independent perspective on valued clients and our analysis and recommendations provide the basis for specific tactical actions that will enable relationships and service delivery to immediately see improvement.

“This study has provided first class feedback from our key clients and the extensive and insightful analysis by MarketingWorks, with their recommendations, has given us a powerful foundation on which we are building our plans for the future.”

Director of Global Strategy, MWH Global, Inc.

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