Embracing a key client management culture

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Embracing a key client management culture

The Situation: refocusing on clients after organisational change

A medium-sized contractor was going through a period of considerable organisational change. Part of that change was the recognition of how important existing key clients are to the business. The senior leadership and management wanted the staff to buy-in to the changes, so it was vital to consult and involve the teams as much as possible on the journey.

Our Solution

MarketingWorks worked with the Directors and Senior Management Team to define the structure for the implementation of Key Client Management culture change, in order to maximise the involvement of the teams and use their experience to fast-track the process.

The Senior Management Team was consulted and debriefed as part of the research to define how the contractor was putting into practice Key Client Management and to develop initial suggestions for improvement. These were combined with an initial pilot and used to further tailor the Client Service Team mobilisation session, increasing its relevance to the teams attending. Other suggestions were fed back to the Directors.

The new Client Relationship Managers and their Client Service Teams developed initial client plans and then further refined them through strategic peer review in the group working sessions. The process of client relationship review has been built into a quarterly schedule by the Directors.

The Result

As a result of developing Key Client Management, our client grew their future workload by 40% , with over 55% of the workload being negotiated and announced a 48% increase in profit in the following year.