Framework Management

Framework Management – Improving framework delivery behaviours and operational performance

Marketing Works - Work Winning Solutions for the Construction IndustryIndustry clients expect longer term arrangements and more collaborative working through partnering and supply chain integration to provide higher quality service and mutually beneficial relationships.

Framework members need their delivery teams to embrace and embed appropriate behaviours for their client’s delivery culture for each framework to ensure year-on-year improved delivery performance.

We have a tried and tested approach that helps to align internal processes and delivery teams’ behaviours and approaches to ensure that they are linked strategically to their client and optimise both KPIs and softer measures of their relationship to secure a strong position within the framework.

“We have already seen improved relationships between the clients and our regional delivery teams and we are also seeing significant KPI score uplifts. All practitioners have been refreshed and re-energised, with better framework delivery and a greater appreciation of the collaboration skills required.”

Business Unit Framework Director, Bouygues UK


Having a client-focused organisation is vital to a successful future within any framework. Yet many companies still continue without having proactive framework management plans or agreed processes to become more closely aligned to their clients` strategic objectives, values and processes.

The delivery teams need to adjust from a project-centric to a client-centric approach, with behaviours that will improve service quality in a planned and managed way and develop appropriate relationships to optimise the level of business the organisation as a whole can win, across all skills groups and business units.

How your teams deal with framework clients will determine your organisation’s future role within the framework. To be successful, they need to be planning and managing these relationships from the outset: investing time and effort into understanding the client, the decision making unit and its processes and mapping the pipeline of projects and the attributes that will allow them to win a healthy share of the work. This gives the client the clear message that you value and will actively consult them throughout the duration of the framework and so your organisation becomes linked strategically to them.

Typically it is necessary to reconcile processes that the client has developed for the framework with a contractor’s or consultant’s own internal process requirements and align the client’s values with new, internal governance systems.

Aligned Delivery Teams

The delivery teams need an easy-to-follow process, incorporating the key requirements and milestones of the framework client and their own internal processes.

So our approach begins with diagnostics to understand the position from both the internal perspective and the perceptions and expectations of the client. Often working with both parties, a new approach is developed and rolled out through practitioner workshop training events to share the new approaches and behaviours, enhance skills and transfer knowledge.

Embracing the Digital Evolution

Managing strategically important clients in the construction industry will be revolutionised when Framework Management is underpinned by cloud base software solutions.  In collaboration with MarketingWorks’ sister company, myConsole, we have developed a digital workflow solution. This evolved as a result of working closely with our clients and understanding their challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements. To become more efficient and effective in work winning, there needs to be an integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow constant learning systems.

Please contact myConsole to discover more.

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Improving framework delivery behaviours and performance