How we work

How We Work With Construction Companies to Improve Work Winning Success

Our emphasis is on developing solutions that are right for our clients, focusing on understanding their needs and issues before tailoring a solution that helps them to achieve their aims.
Our facilitative approach enables our clients to have a tailored and consulted solution meeting their business needs and providing a number of benefits:

  • Involvement in the design of the solution so that it addresses the specific issues that our client is facing
  • Buy-in to best practice – discussing these issues enables the solution to become the new `way we do things round here’ which means that it can be successfully implemented within the organisation

We break down the complete process of work winning into inter-connected stages and identify opportunities for improvements in each stage that beneficially impact the process as a whole.

Our facilitative approach is based on the following:

Diagnose – To understand where you are at present our approach is to look at a combination of perspectives, processes and results to gain insight.Develop – We craft a draft solution using insight gained through the diagnostic activity. We incorporate existing best practice within our client, enhanced with appropriate best practice from our array of best practice tools.

Deploy – We introduce the proposed solution to the practitioners to receive feedback. This is used to gain their buy-in and commitment to supporting the change initiative. This is also used to identify any possible blockages and discuss potential ways to mitigate them.

Implement – We finalise the draft solution using feedback gathered during the deployment to further fine tune the solution and supporting tools, prompts and checklists.

Support and Monitor – After the implementation, we agree upon activities that will help to embed the new approaches and processes through mentoring and coaching or on-going support to assist in sustaining the new culture: for example, in work winning this could include the occasional provision of independent red team reviews on live bids.

A follow-up clinic event takes place, typically 6-9 months after implementation, designed to explore where the solution has enabled success to be achieved, what has worked well and what could be further improved.