Implementing Key Client Management Cultural Change

Top 30 Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy

Top 30 Multi Disciplinary KCM Culture Change
“I have found implementing Key Client Management an extremely worthwhile exercise, which has delivered noteworthy benefits to the business. MarketingWorks has been instrumental in implementing Key Client Management throughout the business and has provided insightful and strategic advice.”
Marketing Manager, Top 30 Multi-disciplinary Consultant

The Situation

This leading UK construction and property consultancy was made up of seven operating businesses that were cooperating informally, but there were opportunities to be more structured and efficient in managing client relationships. There was a need for a formalised approach and implement key client management cultural change across the group to create a platform for the whole business to grow strategically.

Our Solution

MarketingWorks consulted the senior management team on their concerns and issues around Key Client Management and presented back findings, strategic insight and recommendations for their new process to meet the needs that were revealed by the analysis.

They then worked with the Internal Admin Support to shape and tailor performance, benchmarking and segmenting materials. Mobilisation was structured to maximise the involvement of the Client Service Teams, building on their experience and increasing buy-in through active listening and appreciation.

MarketingWorks provided highly customised bespoke tools and process documentation, which were launched with each Client Service Team, allowing for easy ongoing management of KCM going forward.

The Result

These activities and the recommendations from the review of client feedback primed them to maximise benefit from their future client review processes whilst giving Client Service Teams ownership of the relationship.