Key Client Management

Key Client Management –  Build Strategic Links for Winning New Business

Marketing Works - Key Client ManagementUp to 95% of profitability can come from a small number of our clients – so it is crucial that our project teams align their behaviours and approaches to ensure that the organisation is linked strategically to their client.

However we have observed that many delivery teams in the construction industry still have a project-centric approach. We have helped our clients to implement effective key client management, which drives consistent client-centric behaviours. Adopting behaviours that improve service quality in a planned and managed way and developing appropriate inter-company relationships has augmented the level of business the organisation as a whole wins, across all skills groups and business units.

“Provided valuable structured approaches to developing client relationships”
Sector Partner, Turner and Townsend


Key Client Management provides the vital framework that enables business leaders to build strategic links with their key clients and optimise returns to take the organisation forward with greater confidence in its business future.

Within construction, effort is typically focused on delivering projects, whether they are one-off or part of long-term appointments. Yet clients seek additional value and service solutions that are focused on their business and organisational needs and they expect more collaborative working to provide higher quality service and mutually beneficial relationships.

We have helped many of our clients to develop a client-facing culture using key client relationship management techniques to drive behaviours that will improve service quality in a planned and managed fashion. Our approach is the ideal vehicle to drive change from a project focus to a client focus, providing a clear framework that enables appropriate relationships to be developed.

As a result:

  • Our clients have optimised the level of business the organisation as a whole wins, across all skills groups and business units
  • Each end-client receives a solution tailored to their specific needs.

Embracing the Digital Evolution

Managing strategically important clients in the construction industry will be revolutionised when Key Client Management is underpinned by cloud based software solutions.  In collaboration with MarketingWorks’ sister company, myConsole, we have developed a digital workflow solution. This evolved as a result of working closely with our clients and understanding their challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements. To become more efficient and effective in work winning, there needs to be an integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow constant learning systems.

Please contact myConsole to discover more.

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