Mobilising Key Client Management with a Strategic Client

Turner & Townsend

Mobilising KCM With a Strategic Client

“The relationship has matured. We are breaking into a new market at Stansted. We have been asked to do another job, which is all down to the fact that we work on the relationship more.”

Director, Turner & Townsend

The situation

Turner & Townsend was awarded a second framework contract with Heathrow Airport. Relationships with Heathrow Airport over the development of Terminal 5 had been very good, but there was clear scope for broader development of the relationship through the implementation of Key Client Management.

Individuals involved with their Key Client, Heathrow Airport, first of all needed to understand why they should align their behaviour to the client and their objectives and then how to embed a new culture within the team to make the changes happen. Without this buy-in, these would not be fully sustainable.

Our Solution

Marketing Works undertook research within Turner & Townsend. We then shared insight and distilled where pockets of best practice existed with Directors and Senior Management working on the Heathrow Airport team. The level of enthusiasm for Key Client Management increased throughout the process.

The Heathrow Airport Client Service Team worked together to develop a key client plan. The active involvement of the team in the research phase, through the initial drafting of a client plan and its strategic peer review and development in the clinic, ensured their participation and increased buy-in and, importantly, commitment to undertake tactical actions.

MarketingWorks provided Turner & Townsend with a bespoke Key Client Management Manual and Client Masterfile for the Heathrow Airport Client Service Team that now forms part of the Heathrow Airport management process.

The Result

As a result of developing Key Client Management for Heathrow Airport, Turner & Townsend achieved improved relationships leading to the award of two additional contracts, demonstrably increased volume of work from existing framework levels and negotiated new projects at Heathrow Terminal 4.