Pipeline Management

Practical solutions with constant learning systems for implementing leadership’s vision and improving bid management

PipelineManagementImplementing our work winning programme will help you to align your work winning pipeline management and bid management so that your organisation works collaboratively, adopting desired behaviours and enhancing skills to embed client centric processes:

>  More client-centric in early client meetings – distilling objectives and understanding their needs and drivers

>  More effective – Improving the alignment of bid activities and supporting systems with an uplift in skills and behaviours

> More efficient – leveraging the win work process and guidance to minimise wasteful activities and produce “winning bids”, not just “compliant bids”

Many clients have adopted our unique, award-winning approach to help them to both optimise work winning efficiencies and also increase success rates.

“Following the successful implementation of the Win Work Programme, I know we have made a significant improvement in our success rates at prequalification, written tender submissions and our performance at client interviews. It has helped us change the culture of our work winning teams so that they are more client-centric, which has enabled us to win more work.”
Interserve, Board Director


In the diagnostic phase of our approach, contractors and consultants typically say the following:

  • It is difficult to get client insight and clients’ specific project requirements and drivers
  • We need more resources or to be more selective in what we go for
  • We get technical too quickly and lose track of win themes
  • We need to move to deliver outcomes, rather than deliver outputs

If this sounds familiar, or you have a strategic aim to improve win rates and work winning efficiencies, we can work with you to identify any desirable changes in behaviours and processes and then work with your teams to uplift their capability and bring them into line with current, leading approaches. This facilitates rapid buy-in to desired behavioural change and a dramatic and immediate improvement in overall capability and success rates.

In each case the solution is based on similar best practice principles, but tailored to the needs and situation of each individual client.

Generating buy-in to a new approach

MarketingWorks breaks down the complete process of work winning into inter-connected stages and identifies opportunities for improvements in each stage that beneficially impact the process as a whole.


MW Graphic 300pxDevelop:
>  Adjust existing processes and governance

>  Develop/adjust existing tools and checklists

Deploy and Implement:
 >  Facilitated Events and Workshops to refresh and revitalise skills and introduce enhanced processes
 >  Support and Monitor
 >  Embedded new processes through mentoring and coaching and Red Team Reviews


We present our suggested improvement and (once agreed) we work with clients to develop guidance and checklists, all tailored to improve their work winning process and prompt better work winning behaviours.


Our collaborative approach means that we achieve early buy-in from the work winning team and we identify where good practice exists so that it becomes part of the solution.

Training events fully engage all members of the work winning team and will start to embed the revitalised work winning process, refresh win work skills and also further refine and shape checklists, prompts and tools.

“You encouraged collaboration, interaction and debate between different departments, new starters and existing employees resulting in improved skills, tools, checklists and enthusiasm across our pre-construction departments.”
Pre-Construction Director, Kier London


Furthermore we provide on-going mentoring, coaching and work winning support to continue to refresh and revitalise the various work winning skills of project delivery practitioners to underpin the desired new culture that will help secure future business.

Embracing the Digital Evolution

Managing strategically important clients in the construction industry will be revolutionised when Opportunity Management is underpinned by cloud based software solutions.  In collaboration with MarketingWorks’ sister company, myConsole, we have developed a digital workflow solution. This evolved as a result of working closely with our clients and understanding their challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements. To become more efficient and effective in work winning, there needs to be an integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow constant learning systems.

Please contact myConsole to discover more.

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