Work Winning Training Workshops designed purely for the construction industry

Marketing Works - Training for the Construction IndustryThese task-orientated and highly practical workshops transfer the skills necessary to win more profitable work by focusing on best practice approaches in all aspects of work winning, from initial contact with a client to mobilising a framework or key client. Workshops include:

>  Work Winning Behaviours that uncover Client Drivers

>  How to sell high value services and convert new business

>  Winning Business with Winning PQQs and Proposals

>  Critical Success Factors in Selectivity and Bid Management

>  Delivering Successful Tender Interviews

>  Improving framework delivery behaviours and performance

>  Mobilising key client teams

MarketingWorks has trained thousands of people from more than 2000 organisations within the construction industry.

“The work winning workshops, concentrating on our behaviours and cultures, provided an open forum from which our current best practice could be combined with new ideas generated during the different sessions.”
Pre-Construction Director, Kier London


These workshops are designed for up to 16 delegates at your offices and can be run as a one-off training solution. Tailored versions also form an integral part of the roll-out of a company specific programme designed to speed up the culture change or the adoption of improved processes within your teams and are part of the implementation solution for our new software.

Workshop Focus
Re-energising Work Winning Behaviours and Uncovering Client Drivers
– up to 25 delegates

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Integrating insight gained from across the win work cycle of activities with the objective of winning more work with greater efficiencies, this workshop may also help to identify which areas of your win work processes need further focus. If so, we could work with you through adopting our software, delivering specific skills workshops or through developing a revitalisation programme.
How to sell high value services and convert new business
– up to 16 delegates

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Covering all aspects of business development, this workshop is a complete toolkit for anyone involved in meeting clients and developing business opportunities. Covering qualification of prospects, meetings, phone calls, first impressions and body language, delegates will develop their own personal skills through task orientated role-play sessions.
Winning Business with Winning PQQs and Proposals
– up to 16 delegates

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This workshop will help delegates remodel their existing proposals to produce more client-focused and ultimately more successful bids and tenders. We focus on integrating insight gained from business development, selling and bid management activities and on using persuasive narrative and structure to position your win themes and value propositions within written submissions such as PQQs, tenders, bids and proposals. Through task oriented sessions, it provides participants with a comprehensive understanding to help them critique their own proposals and identify areas for improvement. It explores what is required from the choice of words, the “tone of voice” and how to exploit persuasive structures and layouts in proposals and in PQQ question responses.
Critical Success Factors in Selectivity and Bid Management
– up to 16 delegates

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Starting with selecting the right bids to pursue (ones that you are most likely to win) and thereby avoiding wasting resources on abortive bidding, this programme is packed with valuable insights and information and provides checklists, process charts, matrices and structures. A practical reminder to delegates of professional bid management. Research undertaken by MarketingWorks in collaboration with the University of Reading suggests that efficient and effective bid management is the single most important behaviour for contractors in winning construction industry bids.
Delivering Successful Tender Interviews
– up to 12 delegates

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Covering the planning for and the delivery of presentations, this workshop is highly practical. It introduces a logical approach and a set structure to follow that will enable delegates to present with confidence and professionalism. A videoed role-play interview enables constructive criticism to be given and allows delegates to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment
Improving framework delivery behaviours and performance
up to 4 framework teams
This facilitated mobilisation event provides a launch platform to bring about consensus on objectives, strategy and tactics across each framework team. If combined with client research they will address the strategic, tactical and service issues arising.It is designed for organisations that have identified a need to improve behaviours and approaches across their delivery teams, as well as to create new client centric processes to enhance client relationships within the context of a specific framework. It enables the delivery teams to embrace and embed appropriate behaviours for the framework delivery culture for year-on-year improved delivery performance.
Mobilising key client teams
for up to 4 teams

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We have designed a fast-track approach to creating, managing and driving real improvements in client relationships – with enhanced profitability, improved client satisfaction and increased cross-selling and influencing activities.
This is the fastest way to get a team or group of teams to develop, own and implement a client management plan for each key client in the context of common understanding.
The Mobilisation Package comprises two one-day events that together focus on skills and behaviours to update and formalise your key client management activities and result in an actionable client plan for each team.
It will provide planning tools and guidance on appropriate tactics and activity, consistent understanding of client management best practice and terminology, performance measures to assess level of relationship and action plans that can be easily implemented.

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In collaboration with MarketingWorks’ sister company, myConsole, we have developed a digital workflow solution specifically for the construction industry. To discover more: